About me

Hi! My name is Gala. 

I love my family, my parents, my husband, my son and my dog. I like music, theatre, ballet, cinema, fashion, yoga, ocean, soccer, traveling and reading. I like  the smell of printed books. I find inspiration in the new places, in the new people, in the new movies. I have 2 higher education diplomas and I took more then 300 trainings, seminars, schools, workshops and master-classes, this is all the background for my work.

My projects are special because I create the completely individual stories for every Personality, for every Family, for every Business. These are sincere stories created for you upon your request. My approach is unique. I am deeply involved into my projects. Imagine we shoot the real movie and you play the main role. I concentrate on you exceptionally. I choose the interesting cases and I don't take many projects that is why when you cooperate with me you may be sure I pay all my time&energy to our project. You pay not only for shooting and film, you pay for my vision, my ideas, my experience, my attitude and for my time. The key moment: I take all the projects personally.

My projects are full of life&energy, full of light and air, they are full of love to people, to their relations, to their work, to my calling.

I created Ovsiannikova Production to meet your premium needs in photo&video content. My stories are about personality (self- presentation, videoportrait), family and work, 3 basic elements of our life. The idea, organization and realization of the project is the area of my responsibility. I accomplished 500+ Projects.

I film Promo for Artists |Promo for Business| SPORTraits|Family films| Events.

My specialty in Photography: Soul Portrait|Business Portrait| Family Stories|Sport.

I'm happy to create for you. 


My Instagram page is below.